Incubation & FARM

The development of an incubation process

Apereo Incubation

The development of an incubation process - providing scaffolding for the formation of new projects and communities of interest through their critical formative stages - was an early objective for the Apereo Foundation.  Documentation detailing the Apereo incubation process is available from this website. The process was approved by the Apereo Board in August 2013 (updated in 2020).

The process places great emphasis on effective mentoring processes for new projects, software communities and communities of interest.  If you are interested in becoming an incubation mentor, please contact patrick.masson[at] The program includes a number of training opportunities for mentors, arranged with OSSWatch at the University of Oxford. Please consider participating.

If you are an Apereo incubating project, please use one of these Apereo Incubating logos on your web site.




Apereo incubation badge


Apereo Incubation Process

Most recent information on the Apereo project incubation process. 

Apereo Community of Interest Formation

Framework for forming an Apereo Community of Interest. Updated May 2015.

Please subscribe to the Google group and use it to discuss issues related to the incubation process and review.

Apereo FARM

Apereo FARM (Funding And Resource Management) is a toolkit to support and encourage the use of shared resources to enhance existing Apereo projects.

FARM is designed as a toolkit for community use. It is a guide to gathering resource around projects that provide enhancements to existing community supported products, and a means of raising the visibility of enhancement proposals, projects and activities. FARM also includes a directory of contacts from other Apereo initiatives.

FARM provides support for the launch and implementation of community projects to improve Apereo software by: 

  • Making enhancement projects visible
  • Soliciting feedback 
  • Identifying and connecting stakeholders with common interests
  • Cataloging processes and templates to create efficiencies
  • Coordinating mechanisms for funding and development.

FARM Enhancement Projects

See the projects that FARM is supporting.

Introduction to FARM

A video introduction to FARM.

Please subscribe to the Google group and use it to discuss issues related to the FARM committee and projects.