Sustaining Members

Direct Financial Support for Apereo Projects

Sustaining memberships allow organizations that have implemented an Apereo project to directly fund the open source software they rely on. Becoming a Sustaining Member ensures dollars are available for ongoing maintenance, building new features, securing the software, and extending availability. Directly supporting the vibrant ecosystem of collaborative innovation that drives success throughout the Apereo ecosystem of projects and communities. Join us in shaping–and sustaining–the future of the open source software campuses depend on.

Apereo projects benefit directly from a suite of support services offered by the Foundation. Funds contributed to an Apereo project by sustaining members are managed solely by that project’s management committee.

  • Legal: IP/Asset Management, Licensing & Compliance, Contracting, Regulatory Compliance, Public Policy
  • Community: Advocacy & Awareness, Community Development, Constituent Management, Developer Relations, Peer Communities
  • Infrastructure: Cloud Hosting, Enterprise Applications, Web & Network Services, Code Repositories, Bug & Issue Tracking, Email, Groups & Lists
  • Business Services: Accounting & Bookkeeping, Banking Services, Budgeting & Finance, U.S. Mail Services, Document Management, Insurance
  • Marketing: Lead Generation, Promotion, Commercial Development
  • Events: Conference Planning, Event Management, Release Management
  • Research: Case Studies. Surveying, Quantitative, Knowledge Base
  • Fundraising: Grants & Gifts, Partnerships, Sponsorships
  • Governance: Foundation Board, Project Management
  • Mentorship: Health Metrics, Incubation, On-Boarding, Sustainability
  • Communications: Bulk Emails, Newsletters, Social Media, Internationalization
  • One organizational board seat vote in foundation elections

Sustaining Membership Contribution

Each project has its own contribution model. Please contact for more information.

Sustaining Member's Annual Budget      Bedework Sustaining Member's Dues
$0-25 million      $500.00
$25 million-100 million      $500.00
$100 million-750 million      $500.00
$750 million-4 billion      $500.00
More than 4 billion      $500.00
Sustaining Member's Annual Budget      CAS Sustaining Member's Dues
$0-25 million      $1,000.00
$25 million - 100 million      $2,000.00
$100 million - 750 million      $5,000.00
$750 million - 4 billion      $10,000.00
More than 4 billion      $15,000.00

Individuals or organizations interested in becoming Opencast Sustaining Members should visit the Opencast Sponsors website and contact the Opencast board for more details. 

Sustaining Member's Annual Budget      Sakai Sustaining Member's Dues
$0-25 million      $900.00
$25 million-100 million      $1,950.00
$100 million-750 million      $4,050.00
$750 million-4 billion      $5,250.00
More than 4 billion      $6,750.00
uPortal Sustaining Member's Levels     uPortal Sustaining Member's Dues
Bronze - uPortal Friend      $1,000.00
Silver - uPortal Booster      $5,000.00
Gold - uPortal Sustainer      $10,000.00
Platinum -uPortal Champion      $20,000.00
Sustaining Member's Annual Budget     Xerte Sustaining Member's Dues
$0-25 million      $1,000.00
$25 million-100 million      $2,000.00
$100 million-750 million      $5,000.00
$750 million-4 billion      $10,000.00
More than 4 billion      $15,000.00
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Example Sustaining Member Profile

Tokugawa International University, Committed to Open Source  

Tokugawa International University employs several Apereo software projects to deliver a variety of services to the campus’ students, faculty, staff and broader public. These include Central Authentication Services (CAS) that provides authorization and access to several of Tokugawa’s online systems including the campus’ online learning platform, the library’s digital catalog and reserves platform, as well as the student portal and scheduling system; each of which are Apereo projects as well, uPortal and Bedework, respectively. 

Considering the campuses’ dependency on these three Apereo projects, Tokugawa International University, has made a commitment to provide financial support to each, contributing to their continued development, ongoing maintenance, and overall sustainability. Sustaining Members represent the broader user-base–organizations that, together, ensure that each project has the resources to not only deliver high-quality software, but also cultivate a community of practice of peers around shared interests and technologies. 

Participation as a Sustaining Member aligns well with the ethos of knowledge sharing and collaboration of higher education, demonstrating the institution’s commitment to giving back to the community that enables their enterprise services while enhancing its reputation as a leader in technology and innovation. In return, universities benefit from overall cost savings of open source software, reduce campus capture through vendor lock-in, drive development through direct input into features and functions, and more. Additionally, membership provides avenues for collaboration with other institutions and industry partners, opening doors to research collaborations, grants, and partnerships. Overall, a Sustaining Membership not only ensures the reliability and longevity of the software but also cultivates a culture of innovation and collaboration within the university ecosystem.