2024 Opencast Summit in Zaragoza, Spain

Paraninfo is the oldest and most emblematic building of the University of Zaragoza
December 19, 2023
Opencast Community

Mark your calendars for the 2024 Opencast Summit to be held March 13-15 at the Paraninfo of the University of Zaragoza, Plaza Basilio Paraíso, 4 – 50004 Zaragoza.

Located in the heart of the city, the Paraninfo is the oldest and most emblematic building of the University of Zaragoza and was declared a Site of Cultural Interest in 1978. It was designed as the Faculty of Medicine and Sciences by the architect Ricardo Magdalena and was inaugurated in 1893. After its complete restoration in 2008, in addition to its representative, institutional, and governance functions of the University and as the site of the General Library, it has become a focal point of culture, with a continuous program of activities and a venue for numerous conferences, presentations, and scientific meetings.

Registration is not yet open, but you can find travel and accommodation details for this event on the Opencast website.


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