Apereo Board Member Clint Lalonde Selected as Expert for 2024 EDUCAUSE Horizon Report

Clint Lalonde
December 13, 2023
BCcampus Editorial Team

Apereo Foundation is pleased and proud to share that our board member, Clint Lalonde, has been selected as an expert panelist for the 2024 EDUCAUSE Horizon Report: Teaching and Learning Edition. Clint joined the Apereo Board in 2022, and we are excited and happy to support him in his efforts with the Horizon Report. Congratulations!
Thank you to the BCcampus news team for the following article.

BCcampus Director of Open Education Clint Lalonde Part of Expert Panel for 2024 EDUCAUSE Horizon Report

By the BCcampus Editorial Team

Clint Lalonde, director of Open Education at BCcampus, has been selected as an expert panelist for the 2024 EDUCAUSE Horizon Report: Teaching and Learning Edition.

The EDUCAUSE Horizon Report is a well-known annual series of publications in the field of higher education technology. Published by EDUCAUSE, a non-profit association dedicated to advancing higher education through information technology, the report identifies and describes emerging technologies, trends, and challenges in higher education.

Participating in the development of a Horizon Report has already proven to be an excellent professional development opportunity for Clint. “The modified Delphi approach, drawing on the wisdom and knowledge of 60+ global experts in the field of digital learning, has given me a great understanding as to what our field finds interesting, intriguing, and challenging,” he says.

The report typically focuses on technologies and trends with the potential to significantly impact teaching, learning, and educational institutions in the near, mid-, and long-term future. It offers valuable insights for educators, administrators, and other interest holders in higher education who are engaged in strategic technology integration. The report traditionally includes case studies, expert analysis, and recommendations to help educational institutions make informed decisions about technology integrations in their teaching and learning environments.

EDUCAUSE assumed publication of the Horizon Report in 2018, taking over from the now-defunct New Media Consortium. Clint says, “Not only is the Horizon Report a great future forecasting tool, but it also boasts a 20-year history and provides an interesting longitudinal perspective on the issues in our field.”

Past issues of the Horizon Report are available in the EDUCAUSE library.

Look for the 2024 EDUCAUSE Horizon Report this spring.

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