Apereo Foundation Joins the Open Infrastructure Foundation

Apereo Joins the OpenInfra Foundation
December 18, 2023
Michelle Hall, Apereo Communications

The Apereo Foundation, a global open source software community serving higher education institutions, is proud to announce its newest milestone in fostering open source collaboration and community growth within and for higher education. The Apereo Foundation has joined the Open Infrastructure Foundation (OpenInfra Foundation) as an Associate Member. 

OpenInfra Foundation's mission is to develop, support, protect, and promote open source software projects for building and managing technology infrastructure. OpenInfra supports the development and adoption of open infrastructure globally, across a community of over 110,000 individuals in 187 countries, by hosting open source projects and communities of practice. As an Associate Member of the OpenInfra Foundation, the Apereo Foundation will increase its collaborative community to include other renowned institutions and organizations that share a commitment to the principles of open source development. This collaboration will advance the Apereo Foundation's efforts to foster a thriving community of developers, contributors, and users within the open source, higher education sector.

Patrick Masson, Apereo Foundation’s Executive Director, expressed his delight in the new venture, “OpenInfra Foundation’s work not only aligns with Apereo’s vision and goals, highlighting the value of dedicated industry-specific support for open source, but their success offers a model for Apereo to learn from, introducing best practices to better serve our own constituencies.”

“Joining OpenInfra as an Associate Member extends our network of peer organizations, extending opportunities to Apereo as a foundation through cooperation, collaboration, and co-creation with industry leaders and also amplifying our value and impact with and for both our projects and members,” Masson concluded.

"Open infrastructure is pervasive in higher education, as institutions look for flexible and cost-effective solutions for their computing infrastructure needs," said Thierry Carrez, general manager of the OpenInfra Foundation. “We welcome the Apereo Foundation as an Associate Member, and look forward to collaborating together toward our common goal of seeing even more open source software used in education."


About the Apereo Foundation:

The Apereo Foundation is a global community of higher education institutions and partners dedicated to developing and sustaining innovative open-source software for education. The Foundation provides a framework to develop, manage, and support open-source software projects and acts as a collaboration platform for engaging and connecting institutions, developers, and users. Join the home of open source for education: www.apereo.org

About the OpenInfra Foundation:

The OpenInfra Foundation builds communities that write open source infrastructure software that runs in production. With the support of over 110,000 individuals in 187 countries, the OpenInfra Foundation hosts open source projects and communities of practice, including infrastructure for AI, container native apps, edge computing and datacenter clouds. Join the OpenInfra movement: https://openinfra.dev/ 


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