Opencast Community Gathers for BugBash

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June 7, 2024
Opencast Community

Thank you for a great event!

This week lots of community members participated in an Opencast BugBash to help to improve the new admin interface and get rid of a lot of minor, yet annoying little bugs which were still present in the project.

The event turnout was great. We had admins probe for problems and report not only those but a lot of big ideas for small improvements which can make the life of admins easier. We had developers, including some new ones, picking up the reported issues and fixing what needed to be fixed. And finally, we had community members reviewing the new patches to ensure they actually fix the issues and do not cause new ones.

The new version of the admin interface will be part of Opencast 16.0 which is to be released next week. If more patches make it in, there will likely be another admin interface release in preparation for that.

While we have fixed so much, there is quite a bit of work remaining. We identified many issues and a number of them are still open and needs fixing. We also have open patches awaiting reviews. This means that your help is still appreciated.

If you want to help in any way (testing, development, money), but don’t know how to best address this, don’t hesitate to talk to the Opencast Board.

Finally, let me close this post with another thank you everyone for all your help!

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