POET Joins Apereo; Names Executive Director

Ann Arbor, Michigan, November 19, 2015 –

POET (Partners of Open Education Technologies) has joined the Apereo Foundation Incubation program, engaging Apereo’s expertise in setting up successful Open Source organizations. Additionally, POET has named Mike Churchward as Executive Director to lead POET’s efforts to provide development resources to the Moodle open source project.

POET’s goals are to help establish a focus for plugin reliability, security, and innovation for the community within the Moodle project. To do this successfully, resources are needed to create an open, collaborative and inclusive organizational structure that is operationally sound. POET believes that the Apereo incubation process offers the optimal path for this development. Additionally, this membership offers potential partnerships with the many existing Apereo communities that produce open source software for potential integration with Moodle.

“I believe the objectives of POET align very well with the Apereo mission and ecosystem,” said Ian Dolphin, Apereo Foundation Executive Director. “I look forward to working with Mike and POET to make the initiative a success and realize benefits across our communities.”  Dolphin also welcomes Remote-Learner and Lambda Solutions who have joined Apereo as members in support of POET and Apereo’s open source mission.

In addition to the Apereo membership, POET has announced that Mike Churchward will assume the role of Executive Director. Churchward is stepping away from his role as CPO at Remote-Learner to assume the helm at POET. Churchward has been involved in Open Source, in particular, Moodle, for more than a decade. He founded Open Knowledge Technologies in Canada before merging that company with Remote-Learner.

“Apereo will provide valuable expertise in planning and operating an organization focused on open source innovation,” said Mike Churchward. “Apereo’s emergence as a point of focus for the development and sustenance of open source software for education is a natural fit for POET’s mission. Their incubation process will greatly enhance and speed our establishment.”

POET’s initial focus will be to help Moodle with improvements to the quality assurance programs for Moodle plug-ins by creating open testing and review processes and tools to be used by the Moodle community. Beyond that, POET plans to improve developer documentation, create new development training resources, create testing environments for high usage/high-performance Moodle installations, and participate in the co-development of new plug-ins focused on integrations with other open source systems.

About The Apereo Foundation

The Apereo Foundation was founded in December 2012 to provide a legal and organizational home for a number of open source software communities serving education. Currently, Apereo serves sixteen such communities ranging from long-established projects such as CAS, uPortal, Xerte, Opencast and Sakai through to newer initiatives such as the Open Academic Environment and Student Success Plan. The Foundation is also home to a highly successful Open Analytics Initiative. The core mission of Apereo is to "assist and facilitate educational organizations which collaborate to foster, develop, and sustain open technologies and innovation to support learning, teaching, and research.” The Apereo Foundation is a membership organization with educational and commercial members on six continents. Learn more at www.apereo.org or contact Apereo Foundation Executive Director Ian Dolphin at ian.dolphin[at]apereo[dot]org.

About POET

POET was founded in 2015 by several organizations within the Moodle community to look into and help implement improvements to the development of Moodle plugins. POET exists to provide structure for organizations and individuals wishing to provide collaborative efforts and resources to the Moodle open source project as part of an organized group. POET strongly believes in open source, community, and collaboration. POET is a “virtual” organization managed out of Waterloo, ON, Canada. For more information, visit http://poetgroup.org/ or contact Mike Churchward at mike.churchward[at]poetgroup[dot]org.

About Remote-Learner

Remote-Learner has provided technology-enhanced learning solutions to business, educational and governmental organizations since 1982. Today, these services include support for best-of-breed open source programs including the world’s most widely used open source learning management system, Moodle. Remote-Learner provides support and hosting services, custom development, workforce development training, instructional design and strategic consulting services for organizations planning online learning programs. Remote-Learner maintains corporate offices in Virginia, Colorado, Kansas, and Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, serving clients throughout North America. For more information about Remote-Learner, please visit www.remote-learner.net or contact Sam Rosenberg, Communications Manager, Remote-Learner.net, Inc., at 877-299-1293 x181.

About Lambda Solutions

Founded in 2002, Lambda Solutions are experts in open source learning and talent management systems, Moodle and Totara LMS.  Lambda Solutions works with organizations to help them achieve better learning outcomes and increase the value of their human capital.  Lambda Solutions provides systems integration, customization, training, support and flagship product, AnalytikaTM (http://www.lambdasolutions.net/products/lmsreporting/), which provides enhanced interactive reports, dashboards and ad hoc query capabilities to Moodle and Totara. Lambda works with a number of marquis customers including Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, and TOMS Shoes. Lambda Solutions is a Moodle certified services partner and a Totara Platinum partner.  The company has offices in the United States and Canada. For more information, visit www.lambdasolutions.net