SSP Features

SSP Features Overview

SSP is a suite of software tools and features providing quick and easy access to student success resources. The tools and features are used by counselors, faculty, and students who collaborate to ensure students are meeting their academic goals. Please read about the SSP case management toolset below.

Core Strengths

  • Proven process and outcomes
  • Holistic case management
  • Early alerts and intervention
  • Measurable student action

Manage Any Population

  • At-Risk students
  • Counseling Services
  • Disability Services
  • High school students
  • Distance Learning
  • Displaced Workers
  • Any population you want to manage; student athletes, honor students etc.


SSP Tools and Features

SSP provides an umbrella of tools designed to promote student success and retention, and to support integrated planning and advising. SSP delivers one tool that is paramount in the creation of an academic plan to help students stay on track, My Academic Plan.

  • My Academic Plan

    MAP combines the characteristics of prescriptive academic advising with the strengths of technology-supported record keeping. From the available course list that is pulled from the institution’s SIS, the advisor and student partner together to map out the individual courses for the student.

  • MyGPS

    In this self-help center, which includes a student-intake form, students can manage their action items and view their MAP through MyGPS. Advisors can direct students through reference guides that connect students to campus and community resources.

  • Early Alert

    Faculty and staff identify student challenges and send early alerts with their reasons and recommendations to engage the appropriate intervention staff. The Early Alert tool provides a feedback loop to the originator to encourage long-term engagement.

  • Journal

    The Journal is used to track and record all interactions with students. It includes journal notes from other staff assigned to provide services to students as well as other department-generated student information.

  • Action Plan

    Coaches and Intervention staff collaborate with students to create actionable and measurable plans to address challenges that students are facing. These plans connect students to resources available at the institution and in the community.

  • Overview Main Dashboard

    This tool offers a complete view of student information; counselors do not need to log in to separate systems to receive the information they need.

  • Reports

    SSP collects data on populations, services provided, referrals made, and student actions. Reports include early alert outcomes, early alert outreach, student task status, and many more.

  • Reference Guide

    This comprehensive shared knowledge base of support offerings, referrals, tools, and resources, allows coaches, counselors, and advisors to identify the best available options for students, and create a plan of action for them to use for the student.

  • Accommodation

    Advisors, coaches, or counselors can populate information from the Office of Disability into SSP. The tool is a repository for this information, which highlights what accommodations the institution is required to put into place for the student.

  • History

    This tool provides “one-click” access for employees supporting students to view all concurrent or historical interactions with a specific student, based on the users access level, and what they “need to know.”