Planning into Practice – Apereo Strategic Development 2018-2020

Planning into Practice – Apereo Strategic Development 2018-2020

Over the last five years, Apereo has grown from half a dozen software communities to almost twenty, while strengthening global partnerships supporting open source software in education. Earlier this year, the Apereo Foundation Board of Directors drafted and circulated an outline two-year strategic plan. The plan was broken down into six principle development themes, which the Board felt were essential for the future of Apereo and the communities it supports. Those themes were –

  • Membership, Financial Health and Fundraising
  • Partnerships
  • Development Opportunities and Recognition Programs
  • Communications, Outreach and Engagement
  • Software Community Health
  • Foundation Services and New Ideas

The outline plan was circulated for community comment and discussed at the Foundation AGM at Open Apereo 2018 in Montreal. You can read the draft outline here -

Apereo relies to a significant extent on the participation and contributions of volunteers – both institutional and individual. The Foundation Board – who are elected and serve in a volunteer capacity - are now setting out to turn the plan into practice. We are asking for your help. Details of development priorities can be found at , together with a list of Board members volunteering to help lead specific themes. There’s also an approximate indication of when we expect activity around those themes to take place. If you are prepared to volunteer to help, please write to ian.dolphin [at] with the area you're interested in. Our community contains fantastic energy, enthusiasm and talent. We’d like the increased transparency we’re aiming for as part of this planning process to unlock even more of these qualities in the service of open source and open education. Please consider volunteering to help take Apereo to the next level.

Ian Dolphin
Executive Director