Tsugi Tools Update


I wanted to send everyone in the community an update on some of the Tsugi-related projects that we are working on at the University of Dayton.

Over the past semester, we’ve partnered with a design student and faculty mentor to create a consistent and modern design for our learning apps. I’ll be talking about this more at Open Apereo in a few weeks. This project allows us to more quickly churn out Tsugi tools and share them with the community.

The first tool that's getting a redesign is Quick Write (https://github.com/tsugitools/quickwrite). One of the things you’ll notice is that we’ve moved away from the UD specific branding and images and moved to a more generic menu that will be consistent in all of our tools. I've attached screenshots to help you get a feel for the new look. Our partnership will continue in the Fall semester when we plan to take-on the UI/UX of the Tsugi app store itself.

Image 1: Instructor Tool Menu

Image 2: Student View


Image 3: Quick Write Help

Image 4: Instructor Results by Student


Below is a list of the other apps we will be finishing and sharing throughout the summer and into the Fall. As we complete an app, it will be added to https://github.com/udaytonapps for anyone to use and modify.

Tsugi Tools

Pre/Post Reflection – Students answer a question before and after an activity or module and then reflect on what they’ve learned.

Quick Quiz – A very simple quizzing app for formative assessments.

Topic Selector – The instructor sets up topics or groups that students can sign up for.

Photo Gallery – Users collaborate to build a collection of pictures available to everyone in the class

Study Questions – Students add questions and answers that other students can use to study. Questions can be voted up or down and instructors can provide additional detail to the answers.

Interactive Video Quiz – An instructor can add questions to a YouTube or Warpwire video that will pop up as a student watches. Students must answer the question before the video can proceed further.

Others in the pipeline

  • Online MID
  • Interactive Video Feedback
  • Class Notes
  • Learning Journal
  • Class Profiles
  • Flashcards
  • Emoji Ratings
  • Simple Certificate
  • Interactive Video Remarks
  • Interactive Video Discussion
  • Interactive Video Understanding
  • Randomly

Lastly, we are in the process of moving all of our Isidore (Sakai) training to a MOOC powered by Koseu. We believe that providing online training that users can do on their own schedule will be much more impactful than classroom-style training sessions and Tsugi/Koseu is a great way to do this. I'll send more updates on this project as our work continues. We hope that our Isidore training course will be an inspiration for other groups on our campus that want or need to offer online training.

If you have any questions or want more information on any of the projects above, let me know!