Open Apereo 2019 Presentation Spotlight: A Model for Successful Faculty Training

At Open Apereo 2019, Clea Mahoney, eLearning Specialist and Training Lead at New York University, presented on an iterative and adult learning-centered approach to faculty technology training, focusing on the Sakai learning management system. In reflecting on how so many technical trainers and faculty developers in the field struggle with getting instructors and teaching assistants to even consider attending training on the LMS, Clea shared strategies on delivering short, targeted, and impactful training through convenient, one-hour webinars that also serve as an invitation for participants to commit to ongoing learning and development through one-on-one consultations with instructional technology staff and student employees.

In applying adult learning principles to faculty technical training, Clea focused on making the content approachable, relevant, and timely as instructors think about how to organize their Sakai course sites for the upcoming semester. By focusing on the student experience, and how instructors can support student engagement online, training participants leave with a convincing rationale for using technology with intentionality and empathy in order to maximize student learning.

The presentation wrapped up with asking participants to identify opportunities at their own institutions for virtual training, including the student perspective, and thinking beyond technical "how-to" to instead, leading with pedagogical strategies that provide a reason for using the wealth of available features in the Sakai learning management system.