Open Apereo 2020 - Flexible, Affordable, and Fully Online

The challenges facing Higher Education have never been greater. As institutions pivot to online delivery and adapt to face those challenges, cost control and adaptability are key factors. That’s where open source software can help. Open source adoption means an investment in retaining capacity in your institution.

Open Apereo 2020 Online (June 15th-19th) is the premier event for learning about open source software in the service of education. The Apereo Foundation is home to a range of software created by education to be tailored to the needs of education, including:

  • Next generation environments to support collaboration and learning 
  • Portfolio solutions
  • A flexible platform for video capture, management and distribution
  • Calendaring, scheduling and timetable management
  • Learning content creation, storage and retrieval – for interactive and accessible content
  • Portal and notifications ecosystem
  • Single sign-on
  • Learning analytics based retention solutions

We’ve cut the cost of attending Open Apereo 2020 Online!
Thanks to our generous sponsors at Entornos de Formación Global, Learning Experiences and Longsight we have cut registration fees for Open Apereo 2020 to range from $19 to $79. Financial assistance is available for those who need it on a “first come” basis. See for more details.

Open Apereo 2020 Online is a flexible, modular event that takes place from 15th to 19th June. Modules include:

  • An overview of sixteen open source software solutions in the Apereo software family. Get a high-level view of functionality and real-world use!
  • Community presentations exploring the use of open source software in Higher Education around the world. Have a problem to solve? Need a way of controlling costs and extending online services? This is for you!
  • Designing for Resilience Workshop, an open-source focused edition of Michael Feldstein’s Resilience Network conversations that are happening at virtual gatherings across the educational tech field. Michael will be in conversation with Aria Chernik from the Open Source Pedagogy Research + Innovation network (OSPRI), a Red Hat supported initiative housed at Duke University, about how institutions can process the lessons learned from the pivot to emergency remote instruction this spring. Participants will join a rapid-iteration networking round of discussions, then generate a final set of lessons learned/best practices for the Resilience Network resource collection. 
  • Hax-Camp Workshop, providing a space for collaboration, discussion, and sharing of best practices for those exploring web components. Web components are a W3C standard way of allowing developers to create and attach their own, custom HTML element definitions. Their ability to stack like reusable lego pieces, is the realization of the promise of a modular, reusable, and sustainable web. Working across libraries, they "hack" traditional ways of doing silo'ed front-end application development. And thus, we will all be HAX'ing how we used to work, building new reusable pieces that work across our applications!
  • AnnotatED Workshop: Social Annotation in Teaching and Learning with Hypothesis. Workshop attendees will join facilitators from educational institutions who are already using Hypothesis to support student engagement by transforming the fundamental scholarly practice of reading from an invisible, solitary act into a social activity located directly on texts

Open Apereo 2020 Online is arranged so that key sessions take place in the US Eastern timezone mornings – thus allowing easier access for those in Europe and Africa.


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