Open Apereo 2020 Videos: Software Community Update - Bedework

Open Apereo 2020 took place fully online between June 15th to June 19th 2020. 

The following video is a status update of the Apereo Foundation supported Software Community, Bedework.

About Bedework: Bedework is an open-source enterprise calendar system that supports public, personal, and group calendaring. It is designed to conform to current calendaring standards with a goal of attaining strong interoperability between other calendaring systems and clients. Bedework is built with an emphasis on higher education, though it can be (and is) used by many commercial enterprises.

About the presenter: Michael Douglass, Partner
Michael worked for almost 20 years at Rensselaer Polytechnic - from main-frames through to Java and the development of Bedework. Of late he has been working as an independent developer, either collaborating with members of the Spherical Cow Group or as a member of BCS installing and updating bedework.


More videos of Open Apereo 2020 are availible thanks to Opencast and ETHzürich