Apereo Board Candidates 2020

2020 Apereo Board Candidates

The Apereo Foundation holds annual elections for open positions on its Board of Directors. The duties and responsibilities of board members, together with rules governing their election are set out in Article 5 of the Apereo by-laws. If you have any questions regarding these duties and responsibilities, please contact the Executive Director - Ian Dolphin at ian.dolphin[at]apereo.org .

The following candidates have been nominated for membership of the Apereo Foundation Board of Directors in the 2020 Board elections. Proxy ballot papers with voting instructions will be with member organizations during the week commencing October 26th. Voting will take place at the Apereo Annual General Meeting on November 16th at 1600 UTC.

Inge Donkervoort Headshot

Inge Donkervoort - DLearning (NLD)

Inge Donkervoort lives in the Netherlands (Europe) and has been trained as a teacher. After a few years she started working as a consultant for the government and in businesses. She became interested in applying ICT for online communication, collaboration and online learning with schools, governments, health care institutions and companies and in 2010 she started her own business in online learning. Inge is director/owner of DLearning. She develops online learning materials for companies and institutions she works with and teaches them how to use Xerte and other tools considering their goals and target group. 

Since 2009 Inge has been involved in the Xerte project working on various elements including the translation tool - the internationalization part. Since two year now Inge is working also on learning analytics and adaptive learning connected to Xerte. 

Her vision and mission is "open source unless there is no other option". One of the great values of, for example, Xerte / open source is the share and reuse principle. So many beautiful online learning resources are being made that can be (re)used by others. Why reinvent the wheel when you don't have to? Within the Apereo Board she would like to further develop this principle and also play a role in the involvement of the various projects.


Sam Lee Pan - Headshot

Sam Lee Pan - University of Cape Town (ZAF)

I have worked at the University of Cape Town (Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching) for the past six years: starting as a Senior Learning Technologies Consultant and moving into my current role as Learning Technologies Operations Manager. I recently was Acting Learning Technologies Co-ordinator (Jan - Sept 2020) for our cluster in the department. Our team maintains and supports the learning management system Vula (Sakai-based), lecture recording system (Opencast-based) and various other educational technologies. There are a number of other Apereo tools that we have adopted as pilots or in production, including Tsugi, OnTask, Xerte and previously OAE.  On an individual basis, I have also served in the Apereo Incubation Working Group (2019) and was fortunate to attend a training series by OSS Watch. 

I have a diverse background having completed a Masters in Environmental and Geographical Science (2013), and worked in the field of Geographical Information Systems. My passion has always been open source, and I have previous experience working with FOSS GIS and Open Educational Resources. I feel that collaboration is vital for adaptation and growth. Open source allows for more equality and is key in upskilling and capacity building. It is particularly important in a developing world context.

I believe in ongoing development and growth, and since my Masters, I’ve completed a PG Dip in Educational Technology and am currently busy with a postgraduate course in Information Systems. My role in providing support for educational technologies has allowed me to listen and understand the user, and communicate this feedback to the technical team and vice versa. I believe in the values that Apereo supports and the unifying role it provides in a turbulent Higher Education environment of the 21st century.



Stuart Headshot

Stuart Phillipson -  University of Manchester (GBR)

I’ve worked in Higher Education and at the University of Manchester for some time now, including roles in eLearning, Digital Learning, Dev-Ops and IT Management. For the previous nine years I’ve worked on a variety of open source projects and the most significant of these has been deploying and running one of the world’s largest lecture capture systems, operating entirely on open source software. This has provided me with a wide range of experience in terms of commissioning open source projects, funding their development, acting as a product owner and a keen community member.
I’ve found working with open source software to be a transformative experience. Open source frequently comes from the world of higher education and I feel the two worlds are strongly interconnected. The sharing of knowledge, experience and expertise is often a key aspect of what makes open source products so strong, their communities are the driving force behind their prosperity and something that I have not found to exist in the closed source world. Collaboration within and between open source communities is something I am enthusiastic to develop and promote, knowing how much it has benefited myself and the institutions I have worked for.