A New International Collaboration between AXIES and Apereo Starts Today

A New International Collaboration between AXIES and Apereo Starts Today

February 24th, 2021

PRINCETON, N.J., U.S.A. and Kyoto, Japan - AXIES and Apereo Foundation have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding that sets out a new cooperative framework. The MoU aims to develop a closer practical working relationship between AXIES in Japan and the Apereo Foundation, a global provider of open source solutions for higher education. By establishing deeper collaboration, and by recognizing the distinctive contribution of each organisation, both AXIES, and the Apereo Foundation will gain knowledge to better serve their constituencies.

A signing ceremony took place in late February with the participation of Ms. Anne-Marie Scott (Chair of the Apereo Board), Professor Yoshiaki Fukazawa of Waseda University (AXIES President), Mr. Ian Dolphin (Executive Director, Apereo Foundation), Mr. Susumu Kawauchi of Kyoto University (Director General, AXIES Secretariat), Ms. Hiromi Araya of Kyoto University (Office member, AXIES Secretariat), and Professor Shoji Kajita of Kyoto University (the moderator of celemony).

After the signing, Anne-Marie said: "We are very pleased that AXIES has joined in the global Apereo network to create a stronger voice for openness in education." Yoshiaki emphasised AXIES's strong community bases: "The Open Source SIG among forteen SIG will cooperate with Apereo". Finally, Ian Dolphin expressed the importance of global collaboration: "Shoji and I have been working for more than twenty years through localization and internationalization of Open Souce, starting Jasig uPortal community that now became Apereo. This MoU opens a new chapter of the long collaboration."


About Apereo

The Apereo Foundation exists to help educational institutions collaborate to develop, use and sustain open source software for learning, teaching and research. It is a membership organization, with members on four continents. Membership ranges from community colleges to major research-intensive institutions. Apereo currently supports nineteen software solutions, which are listed at www.apereo.org. The Apereo Foundation is a non-profit corporation registered in New Jersey.


The AXIES facilitates to advance the use of Information and Communication Technologies for teaching, learning and research at higher educational institutions in Japan. It established on 2010 as the sister organization of EDUCAUSE, with the founding members that consist of major research universities. More info is available at en.axies.jp.