Inge Donkervoort

Apereo Board Director

Organizational Member Seat
First elected, June 2020
Current term, July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2023

Associated Apereo Projects

Inge Donkervoort lives in the Netherlands (Europe) and has been trained as a teacher. After a few years she started working as a consultant for the government and in businesses. She became interested in applying ICT for online communication, collaboration and online learning with schools, governments, health care institutions and companies and in 2010 she started her own business in online learning. Inge is director/owner of DLearning. She develops online learning materials for companies and institutions she works with and teaches them how to use Xerte and other tools considering their goals and target group.

Since 2009 Inge has been involved in the Xerte project working on various elements including the translation tool - the internationalization part. Since two year now Inge is working also on learning analytics and adaptive learning connected to Xerte.

Her vision and mission is "open source unless there is no other option". One of the great values of, for example, Xerte / open source is the share and reuse principle. So many beautiful online learning resources are being made that can be (re)used by others. Why reinvent the wheel when you don't have to? Within the Apereo Board she would like to further develop this principle and also play a role in the involvement of the various projects.