Stuart Phillipson

Apereo Board Director

Organizational Member Seat
First elected, June 2020
Current term, July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2023
University of Manchester

Stuart Phillipson has worked in Higher Education and at the University of Manchester for some time now, including roles in eLearning, Digital Learning, Dev-Ops and IT Management. Over the last decade, he has worked on a variety of open source projects, and the most significant of these has been deploying and running one of the world’s largest lecture capture systems, operating entirely on open source software. This has provided him with a wide range of experience in terms of commissioning open-source projects, funding their development, acting as a product owner and a keen community member.
Stuart finds that working with open-source software is a transformative experience. He says, "the sharing of knowledge, experience and expertise is often a key aspect of what makes open-source products so strong, their communities are the driving force behind their prosperity and something that he has not found to exist in the closed source world. Collaboration within and between open-source communities is something I am enthusiastic to develop and promote, knowing how much it has benefited myself and the institutions I have worked for."