Our Programs

Software Projects

The Apereo Foundation supports open source software for education. Our software projects are community-driven and open source. Developed and maintained by the Apereo Software Communities by and for educational institutions and partners.

Strategic Themes and Initiatives

Apereo’s strategic themes and initiatives are a series of programs for supporting Apereo’s software communities and constituent communities, as well as the Foundation itself and the broader higher education and open source ecosystems.


Apereo’s Incubation program provides scaffolding for the formation of new projects and communities of interest through their critical formative stages. The process places great emphasis on effective mentoring processes for new projects.

Dolphin Awards and Fellowships

Apereo Foundation celebrates the efforts of individuals and organizations by granting the Apereo Dolphin Awards and Fellowships. The three categories of the Dolphin Awards include Teaching and Learning; Enterprise Solutions; Innovation, Advocacy, and Networking - The IAN. Four Apereo Fellowships are given annually to support the ongoing development of Apereo’s software projects and communities of interest.
2023 Winners