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Welcome to Karuta, the cutting-edge open-source software revolutionizing electronic portfolios for educational institutions. As the next generation in portfolio construction, Karuta offers unparalleled flexibility for universities, K-12, and professional organizations, empowering institutions to design learning, accreditation, or professional development portfolios.

What is Karuta and Why Adopt it:

Karuta Open Source Portfolio is a flexible tool designed for constructing electronic portfolios with a focus on versatility and innovation. Here's why institutions should embrace Karuta:

1. Purposeful Portfolio Design:
Karuta is not just a portfolio tool; it's a canvas for purposeful design. Institutions can leverage its flexibility to create portfolios for showcasing, learning support, and assessment. Tailor portfolios to meet diverse educational goals with ease.

2. Sophisticated Learning and Evaluation:
Dive into the world of sophisticated workflows with Karuta. Design intricate processes where users, including students and instructors, engage in a variety of actions – from reflection and file uploads to commenting, sharing, evaluation, and grading with rubrics. No developer assistance is required.

3. Advanced Graphic Layout and Responsive Design for Any Device:
Karuta offers many presentation features to enhance the display of a page: creating columns, boxes, and tabs, inserting images and text, changing the background, etc. A special configuration page provides quick control of the entire graphical chart.  Karuta understands the importance of accessibility. With its Responsive Design approach, Karuta seamlessly adapts to various mobile devices, ensuring a consistent and user-friendly experience across platforms.

4. Hierarchical Structure, Semantic Tags and Dashboards:
Karuta enriches the hierarchical structure of web pages with specialized resources and semantic tags which permit the creation of powerful dashboards. Allowing students and evaluators to see their learning progress or the number of actions taken at a glance. Dashboards are particularly important for teachers as they streamline the grading process. 

5. Specialized Resources and Sharing:
Karuta offers a set of powerful resources specifically designed to streamline the portfolio process: multi-level rubrics and competence repositories, re-use of documents in various sections, peer evaluation, notifications, grading dashboards, and more. Sharing options are granular and give easy portfolio access to outside participants through a simple email link.

6. Built-in Import and Export Functionality and Efficient Data Management:
Karuta simplifies data management with built-in import and export functionalities. Seamlessly transfer portfolios and associated information, streamlining processes and saving valuable time.

7. Community Support and Sharing: 
Thanks to Karuta's flexibility, different types of portfolios have been developed over time to foster more reflexive learning, monitor skills progress, answer institutional accreditation needs, and develop students’ professional identity. These template portfolios are available to the community and can streamline any portfolio project.

Champion Open Source for Education: Adopt Karuta and Join Apereo

By adopting Karuta, you're not just choosing a powerful portfolio solution but joining the Karuta global community. Karuta is always free and always open source.

Consider taking the next step and becoming a member and fiscal sponsor of Apereo. Your financial support is a catalyst for innovation. By joining forces with Apereo, you fuel the development of transformative tools, shaping the future of education technology. Embrace your role as a key player in driving progress and amplifying the impact of open source solutions. - - Transform learning portfolios with Karuta – where flexibility meets innovation!  -  - #KarutaPortfolio #OpenSourceEducation #ApereoFoundation


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