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Discover openEQUELLA and unify your educational ecosystem! openEQUELA is a digital repository designed to be the heart of your educational technology stack. Developed by educators for educators, openEQUELLA provides a single, robust platform for housing teaching and learning materials, research content, media, and library resources. As an established open source solution, openEQUELLA serves as the 'single source of truth' for institutions seeking efficiency, interoperability, and powerful content management capabilities.

What is openEQUELLA and Why Adopt It:

openEQUELLA (/ow·pn·ῑ'kwu:lә/) is more than a digital repository; it's a versatile solution built to enhance teaching, learning, research, and content management. Here's why institutions should adopt openEQUELLA:

1. Unified Platform for Diverse Content:
openEQUELLA serves as a single platform for housing teaching and learning materials, research content, media, and library resources. Streamline content management with a unified solution that adapts to diverse educational needs.

2. Educator-Centric Development:
Developed by educators for educators, openEQUELLA has a unique focus on storing digital content used in teaching and learning contexts. It addresses the specific needs of educators, providing a user-friendly and purpose-driven platform.

3. Diverse Use Cases:
openEQUELLA has been deployed for various content management purposes, including copyright resource collections, research materials, website and portal content management, content authoring, workflow management, institutional policy documentation, and organizational resources.

4. Interoperability and Integration:
Positioned at the center of your edTech stack, openEQUELLA integrates seamlessly with major Learning Management Systems (LMSs) and offers rich API and LTI connections. Achieve interoperability and facilitate smooth data exchange within your educational ecosystem.

5. 20 Years of Maturity and Innovation:
With close to two decades of history, openEQUELLA is a mature solution packed with features. Benefit from quality assurance workflows, powerful version control, high configurability to meet unique needs, and the capability to store any type of digital content, including open educational resources.

Join Apereo and Champion Open Source in Education:

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