New Directions for Apereo OAE

The OAE has been slowly getting back on its feet after a somewhat long period of consolidation, data migration, and redeployment. The 15.0 release "Snowy Owl" last November paved the path to a sequence of new developments and releases which we are now proud to announce to the Apereo community (and to the world!), including most noticeably the integration with Ethercalc to provide collaborative spreadsheets to OAE.

Other improvements include:

  • New group joining options
  • The ability to export personal data
  • New SVG based previews
  • A new "rails-like" database migration mechanism
  • Replacement of several outdated dependencies
  • Node 11 and ES6 modules support

This period has also seen the OAE team adopt several best practices and standards for open source projects, including conventional commits, (real) semantic versioning, consistent and modern code styling and formatting, among others. This couldn't have been possible without the help of a few services that provide amazing value free of charge for open source projects, such as:

  • (licensing)
  • (policy enforcement)
  • (integration testing)
  • (code quality)
  • (security)

We recommend other projects take a look and try them out. If there are other essential tools or apps not on the list, please share them with the community!