Bedework Code Repository

You can download the most current source code from Bedework's Subversion revision control system (SVN).

Current Stable Release Paths

The current stable release path contains the source of our stable quickstart release and bug fixes.

The URL for anonymous access is:

Current Development Path

The URL for anonymous access is:

Bedework Projects

The Bedework calendar system is divided into a number of SVN projects which contain the latest source code of our development efforts. The directory names correspond to the directories found in the bedework directory at the root of our quickstart release.

All the projects below are included as SVN externals in the master Bedework project (our "Current Development Path"). By checking out the Bedework main project, you will check out all subprojects. The current stable release, likewise, links to a snapshot release of each subproject taken at the time of release. To check out any subproject stand-alone, use the following urls:

directory description URL for anonymous access
bedework The main Bedework project. It references all the others (listed below) via svn:externals. Contains build, config, and deployment files for the Bedework system as a whole.
access Access control package. Independent of Bedework but used by it.
bwtools Tools (e.g. timzone tools)
caldav CalDAV components: a 'generic' caldav server, an implementation for Bedework, and implementations which handle freebusy for google, exchange and domino.
caldavTest test suite for CalDAV
calendarapi Calendar components: contains the CalSvci layer downwards, CalFacade, CalCore, etc. Also contains the mail classes.
davutil CalDAV and WebDAV utility classes
dumprestore The dump restore utility. This is likely to grow as we handle bulk export/import and user data restores.
freebusy An implementation of a freebusy aggregator which uses caldav to create an aggregated view of a group or individual's freebusy information.
rpiutil Utility classes package which supports the xml/xslt front end and provides other xml classes. Independent of Bedework but used by it.
synchml Synchml components
testsuite testsuite components
webapps The web applications: e.g. the public, personal, administrative, and public submissions web clients.
webdav WebDAV components": an implementation of a 'generic' WebDAV server. Used by caldav.


You may browse the source directly by following the links above in your browser.

If you intend to build the Bedework application from source, please see the Bedework Deployment Manual for instructions. If you are new to Bedework, please download and test the quickstart release before attempting to build a custom version of the system.