Change to Bedework Mailing Lists

Greetings Bedeworkers!

What’s happening?

Please be aware that the Bedework mailing lists will be moving from to, to reflect the consolidation of these two organizations into a single “Apereo” brand.

What does this mean?

Simply put, instead of bedework-dev[at]lists.jasig[dot]org and bedework-user[at]lists.jasig[dot]org - in the future we will all instead use bedework-dev[at]apereo[dot]org and bedework-user[at]apereo[dot]org!

What do YOU need to do?

If you are a subscriber to either of the above email lists (hint: if you received this email then you ARE) then your subscription will automatically be migrated to the new list(s).  So congratulations, you don’t have to do anything!

However, you may want to update your email client to start using the new lists, so that if you need to send an email to the list you use the correct one.

When will this happen?

We will be migrating the mailing list subscriptions and switching over to the new lists on:

Monday, October 26th

After the above date, please begin sending email to the new mailing lists!


bedework-dev[at]lists.jasig[dot]org is converting to bedework-dev[at]apereo[dot]org
bedework-user[at]lists.jasig[dot]org is converting to bedework-user[at]apereo[dot]org
Monday, October 26th

Thanks very much and Happy Bedeworking!

Eric Wittmann
on behalf of The Bedework Steering Committee