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Version: 3.10.4
Updated: 2016-12-14

The Bedework 3.10.4 production release is available for download.

Instructions for running Bedework can be found at:

Features and Enhancements in Bedework 3.10.4:

  • Significant web client performance improvements
  • Fixes to sharing
  • Enhancements to the notification system

Features and Enhancements in Bedework 3.10.3:

  • Core engine
    • Flag all entities as indexed
    • Fix hibernate query which pulled in too many objects
    • Fix bug in ES query which missed a number of recurrences
    • Fixes to synch report
    • Fixes to sharing
    • Work on notifications
    • Allow disable of ldap group check
    • Add code to stop autokill killing the indexer
    • Better cleanup of http connections
    • Fix up timestamps in ical
    • Dumprestore sets status of process
  • Caldav
    • Better handling of error conditions
    • Better error responses
    • Fixes to content type
    • Eventreg
    • Fixes for eventreg id
    • Use activemq to queue actions so they don't get lost on  restart
  • Webapps
    • Some fixes to the grid view
    • Remove a synchronized to reduce a bottleneck
    • Try refactor and recode calendar collection cloning for navigation
    • Fix copy of event
    • More cleanup of http connections
  • Util
    • Allow deployer to work with war files
    • Add jms classes extracted from sysevents module
    • Add jolokia module to allow  a client to interact with jmx
  • Webdav
    • Minor propstat fix
    • Better error responses

Features and Enhancements in Bedework 3.10.2:

  • Performance Improvements

    • numerous updates to correct for bottlenecks and other performance issues allowing for significant load and large-scale deployments

  • External Subscriptions

    • significant improvements to external subscription handling

    • better handling of contacts and categories for public calendaring

  • Workflow (public calendaring)

    • new author and approver roles allow for moderated publishing of events by administrative groups

  • Cross-Suite Suggestions (public calendaring)

    • new suggestion mechanism allows different calendar suites to suggest and accept (or reject) events across teams

  • Event Registration (public calendaring)

    • significant improvements to event registration features

    • addition of custom fields to any registration form and a form builder for constructing and managing custom forms (extra text inputs, checkboxes, radio buttons, and select boxes)

    • email notifications (see Notifications)

  • Notifications (public calendaring)

    • In public calendaring, administrative users now receive notifications of actionable items (workflow approval requests, suggestions from other groups, and responses to each)

    • In event registration, the notification engine is used to communicate with registrants concerning registration, waitlisting, and event cancellation

  • Self Registration

    • Allows users to register with the calendaring system so that they may register for public events

  • Web Client Improvements

    • Improvements to the public administration client

      1. Locations can be broken into locations and sub-locations (i.e. buildings and rooms)

      2. Rooms can be added on-the-fly during event creation

      3. Improved location and contact look-up during event creation

      4. Numerous other stylistic and usability enhancements in the administrative client

    • Improvements to the public web client

      1. improvements to accessibility compliance

  • Bug fixes

Enhancements in Bedework 3.10:

  • A largely-revamped public client, which features:
    • Responsive design - the public client will display reasonably on almost any screen size.
    • More powerful and flexible left-hand navigation - in just a few clicks, site visitors can ask for the "Arts events and Films taking place on West Campus"
    • Event filtering by string. – ex., “Arts events and Films on West Campus that include 'Sherlock'".
    • An endless stream of events - All events that match the criteria are presented, starting with today's events (or any other date specified), and advancing into the future.   An initial group of events are displayed on the page, and as the visitor scrolls towards the bottom of the page, the next group is presented.
    • Improved performance with fewer page reloads - most operations, such as adding or removing a filter, are done "in-page" (using Ajax calls). 
  • Enhancements to indexing
    • Bedework 3.10 has a new search engine – ElasticSearch.  In the Bedework context, ElasticSearch, provides better remote management of indexes,   better scalability options, and much simpler configuration than Solr. ElasticSearch is used by, among others,  Wikimedia, Foursquare Etsy, and GitHub.
    • Improved performance and scalability by directing most queries to an ElasticSearch index rather than directly to the database engine
  • More real-time site configuration
    • All configuration settings are now set through the JMX console, eliminating the need for rebuilds to reconfigure
  • An improved Quickstart
    • A smaller (~40%) Quickstart - no-longer-used code (such as webcache) and unused JBoss components have been removed  
    • Better Quickstart documentation

The Bedework 3.10 Manual can be found at:

We are excited by features and enhancements in Bedework 3.10 and and encourage you to explore them.