Apereo CAS v. 4.2.1 Release

The Apereo CAS server version 4.2.1 is released. This version presents a large number of features and is the culmination of a year-long effort to bring together many improvements and extensions that previously existed in the community and in parallel to the platform itself. The project has made extensive efforts to ensure that emerging and common use cases in the CAS community are met and that deployment and build practices of the software are done easier than ever.

A few notable features of this latest release are:

  • Inclusion of new ticket registry modules based on Apache Ignite, Couchbase, and Infinispan
  • Support for MongoDb, JWT, Stormpath and Basic authentication
  • Management of application registration via MongoDb and Couchbase
  • Support for custom metadata and properties associated with registered applications
  • Foundation work to support SAML2, OpenID Connect and MFA based on DuoSecurity, Google Authenticator, YubiKey and more.

The CAS project continues its development towards version 5.0.0 with myriad of new enhancements, particularly around automatic module configuration and integration with 3rd party solutions such as SAML SPs, OIDC, MFA, and more. We hope to have this release available by the Open Apereo conference of 2016, if not earlier.

We welcome all CAS adopters to upgrade to this brand new release. As always, feedback and comments are especially welcome, via the CAS mailing lists: http://apereo.github.io/cas/Mailing-Lists.html