Archive: Jasig CAS Documentation Initiative

A Jasig CAS Documentation Working Group has formed with the mandate to overhaul the CAS documentation into a single, comprehensive body of documentation covering all CAS software components (server, clients, protocols) and community aspects such as development and support.

The group, led by editor-in-chief Marvin Addison, from Virginia Tech, is working closely with the CAS Steering Committee to compose a new CAS User Manual.  The work in progress,, consists mainly of an outline at present and could benefit from review and feedback via wiki page comments. 

We would like to recruit editors, contributors, and proofreaders for content domain areas such as CAS clients and server storage mechanisms. Volunteers may post areas of interest or expertise to either the CAS mailing list, cas-user[at]lists.jasig[dot]org, or the CAS Steering Committee list,  Please send any questions you might have about this initiative to the lists, as well.