CAS 3.5.3 Release

The CAS development team is pleased to announce the release of CAS 3.5.3. This release includes several bug fixes. 


  • [CAS-1166] - SPNEGO Error 401 html message cannot be customized
  • [CAS-1261] - Align HTML views with previously existing views.
  • [CAS-1339] - Cannot build "CAS ClearPass Extension"
  • [CAS-1343] - ContextSourceMonitor Leaks LDAP Connections
  • [CAS-1347] - Missing language keys prevents access; app should not cause a crash
  • [CAS-1352] - Usename attribute should not be required in the list of allowed attributes
  • [CAS-1364] - The ehcache-core dependency version 2.7.2 does not exist
  • [CAS-1431] - Build is broken because of the last Twitter change to SSL