2018-2019 Software Community Health Metrics- ELMS:LN

2018-2019 Software Community Health Metrics - ELMS:LN

Status: Graduated Incubation

Background and Objectives
ELMS:LN are a series of efforts in pursuit of greater student and instructor outcomes as a result of investments in Next Generation Digital Learning Environments (NGDLE). ELMS:LN has spawned hundreds of reusable web components in any educational platform as well as its current focus, HAXTheWeb, a serious of instructional content authoring tools that work anywhere.

Polymer, LitElement, W3C Web component standard, Drupal, WordPress, GravCMS, BackdropCMS, HAXcms (PHP).


Date of First Release 

Date of Last Release 

Number of Releases

 Dec 22, 2015

 Jul 12, 2018



Commits in 2018

Commits in 2019

Frequency of Commits





Contributors in 2018

Contributors in 2019




Number of sites in use (estimated)



ELMS:LN is a bit hard to measure because it’s a project of projects. Releases we qualify as the ELMS:LN platform itself although in 2019 alone we’ve had over 170 projects (with releases) which are created in pursuit of ELMS:LN. Deployments of ELMS:LN architecture is also separate from the usage of those individual projects. HAXTheWeb would be classified as it’s own project in most other communities but is just one piece of our puzzle. It has its own user base as it’s able to be unplugged from ELMS:LN and has had it’s own release schedule.

2018 Highlights
Released the HAX editor as part of ELMS:LN.
Graduated from Apereo Incubation

2019 Highlights
169 element projects released on webcomponents.org
WCFactory released, a meta-project for managing and scaling web components portfolios
HAXcms has seen multiple releases
HAXiam (SaaS HAXcms) deployed / pilot began

Future Plans
ELMS:LN will continue to work on the WCFactory, HAXeditor, HAXcms, HAXiam as well as enhancing the ELMS:LN core platform through the next year. We have recently conveted ELMS:LN to leverage V1 specification web components, providing greater performance and design accuracy across browsers. We continue to gain feedback from instructors, faculty and staff about the needs for HAXeditor as it works to become the default editor in ELMS:LN. We also plan to integrate HAXcms into ELMS:LN in the coming year.