Gearing up for HAX'ing Apereo

It's been several months since the ELMS:LN team started talking to anyone who would listen about our new project called HAX (Headless Authoring eXperience). We've been refining the message, improving its capabilities, and presenting about it anywhere we can. Our latest video video consolidates everything about HAX, including why it's needed and what the current, terrible state of the technology experience for designers, educators, and students.

I wanted to share this video update with the Apereo Community about the vision of the platform and why it's needed. This talk, from OpenEd 2018, is intended for educational staff and faculty and is much less developer centric than my communications typically are.

HAX: We will transform education. Will you join us?


From a developer perspective, we've been working on on making our web component library work with the ES Module standard and being placed on In order to achieve this, we've been working informally with front end developers from Red Hat to make it easier for ANYONE to manage, publish, and use web components in their projects. The project we've been working on to do this is called WCFactory, or Web Component Factory Any Apereo project dev should look at this as Web Components are able to plug into any of our projects across libraries.

WCFactory will help demystify the entire web components pipeline from "what library to use" to "how do I publish to NPM" to "how do I document and develop these" to "how do I publish this to work across all platforms?". WCFactory solves all of these problems -- because they are ones we had too! Currently it helps you make, document, develop, and build components across 6 different libraries using standard tooling.

ELMS:LN thinks web components are the future of all our platforms because they foreground collaboration on the front end to offer higher quality experiences across the board. We'd love to help you join us on the way to that future!