Late 2019 Software Community Health Metrics - ELMS:LN

Late 2019 Software Community Health Metrics - ELMS:LN

Status: Graduated Incubation

Changes to Background and Objectives:

ELMS:LN is a collection of open source libraries, projects, and solutions intended to bring about greater adoption of the NGDLE worldview. In the last year the ELMS:LN – NGDLE platform expanded from one product offering to four distinct pieces of technology that the team maintains.

WCFactory is front end tooling and management to work on a repository as big as what’s being constructed to power ELMSLN and HAXcms. This tooling is an abstraction for teams to build repositories of elements like LRNWebComponents.

LRNWebComponents is a mono-repo with over 400 web components, most of which are not related to ELMS:LN, HAXcms or HAX but generic elements that can be reused for any number of purposes across different applications.

HAXcms is detailed below as part of our newest offerings.

New Technology/ies since last report:

HAXcms is the latest solution to be released as part of ELMS:LN. With a focus on rapid site creation, portability, web components and serverless low-resource requirements HAXcms is the more effective vehicle for pushing out the HAX editor experience and worldview. HAXcms sites are static by default, highly scalable, incredibly easy to use and a must have for OER and open / remix education environments.

HAXcms was piloted Fall 2019 with 30+ students and a handful of faculty at Penn State. Additional faculty, students and staff will be exposed to HAXcms in the Spring with a wider roll out planned for next Fall.


Date of First Release

Date of Last Release

Number of Releases

Feb 2019

Oct 2019

 40 - WCFactory

 37 - LRNWebComponents

 17 - HAXcms

   2 - ELMSLN


Commits in 2019

Frequency of Commits


Near Daily basis for commits across elmsln, haxcms, lrnwebcomponents, wcfactory


Number of Contributors in 2019

26 across the four projects


Number of sites in use (estimated)


HAXcms   ~50

HAX          >100

LRNWebComponents – 1000s


LRNWebComponents is 400+ components, each of which could be adopted by someone on its own or as part of other applications. This makes it’s impact very difficult to track though via NPM stats we see several hundreds downloads of different elements weekly.

HAX is the core editing experience of ELMS:LN and ELMS:LN utilizes ~200 of the elements created as part of LRNWebComponents. These efforts simultaneously influence and improve HAXcms and so by having people contributor to or adopt any aspect of our element portfolio we indirectly enhance ELMS:LN, HAX and HAXcms, improving overall ecosystem sustainability.

2019 ELMS:LN Highlights:

ELMS:LN held its first community meetup at Duke in October of 2019 at an event called “hax-camp”. hax-camp is an event for all things web components. As ELMS:LN’s NGDLE offering has shifted to web components powering most of its interfaces this lead to easing up development efforts to pursue HAX and ELMS:LN simultaneously. After that abstraction, HAXcms became easier to pursue because of how the web components we build are decoupled from any singular application.

This idea has been provocative enough to begin attracting a community around the hax platform and concept, leading to additional development efforts and community being formed around different pieces developed as a result of ELMS:LN.

Future Plans:

Four hax-camp’s are currently in the works for 2020 as well as some major announcements as far as adoption of ELMS:LN produced web components including the HAX editor.