Karuta OSP update - the French connection

With it's new 2.3 release, Karuta OSP is now a fully operational portfolio solution, currently used by many French Universities to support the competency-based transformation of their curriculum.  Polytech Annecy, Université de Compiègne, Cnam, Université de La Rochelle, IEA Grenoble, Grenoble INP,  Faculté de médecine générale - Université de Poitiers and many others, are appreciating Karuta's flexibility to set-up their own portfolio workflows.  One such effort by IUT2 Grenoble and Eric Giraudin has been selected as a winner of the 2018 ATLAS award.   Their project (to be presented at the Apereo conference in Montréal) which is entitled  From an ePortfolio to an Intelligent and Professional Digital Environment,  shows how Karuta can be tailored as an environment to prepare students for their first steps in the job market. For further information on Karuta, make sure to attend the Karuta all-day-Sunday workshop and regular conference presentations at Open Apereo 2018 in Montréal.