Late 2019 Software Community Health Metrics - Karuta

Karuta Open Source Portfolio

Status: Graduated Incubation

Changes to Background and Objectives: None

New Technologies since last report: None


Date of First Release Date of Last Relase Number of Releases
May 2014 May 2019 8


Commits in 2019 Frequency of Commits
121 Weekly


Number of Contributors in 2019


Number of Sites in Use (estimated)

Context: None

2019 Karuta Highlights:

Version 2.4 of Karuta OSP features enhanced reporting capabilities for large student cohorts. The fourth quarterly meeting of the Karuta Governing Board was held on October 11, 2019.

Future Plans:

In the Summer 2020 ,we plan to release version 3.0 with a much richer set of functionalities for fully customizing portfolio presentations as well as a much improved back-end to support more users.

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