Release of Version 2.4 of the Karuta Open Source Portfolio

Release of Version 2.4 of the Karuta Open Source Portfolio

The Karuta project, under the umbrella of the Apereo Foundation, is pleased to announce the release of version 2.4 of the Karuta Open Source Portfolio. Adopted by an increasing number of institutions, Karuta offers a simple and flexible way for portfolio designers to customize portfolio workflows for learning, assessment, reporting, and showcasing. This seventh release of Karuta has undergone extensive testing and incorporates many new features to streamline admin capabilities including improvements to user creation and reports.

Karuta is currently in production at more than ten institutions. Karuta Benefits include:

Karuta is Simple. Teaching and learning (T&L) designers can quickly build portfolio workflows by creating pages, adding different resources (text, documents, comments, rubrics, oEmbed resources, bubble-maps, email, etc.), and assigning their use to various roles (student, instructor, evaluator, etc.).

Karuta is Flexible. Karuta has no a priori structure. The T&L designer has full control and can build sophisticated portfolio workflows and reports with a minimum of training.

No code development is required. All types of portfolios are supported (learning, assessment, showcase, presentation, etc.).

Karuta is Iterative. Karuta is built for quick review and revision. Design a portfolio, test it in faculty meetings, make changes, run a small pilot with students, check the data in reports.

Karuta is Powerful. Karuta has advanced features for creating rubrics, user menus, summary pages, forms, help, reports, sharing, and peer evaluation.

Karuta is Mobile Device Ready. Karuta is responsive design-ready and can be displayed on computers, tablets, or smartphones.

Karuta is Multilingual. Karuta can support many languages and has already been set up for English, French, and Japanese. Language customization can be accomplished quickly. A special version of Karuta supports portfolios with multilingual interface commands and forms, images, and/or documents made available in a chosen language.

Karuta Technology:  jQuery javascript front end, Twitter Bootstrap, MySQL, Oracle,


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