The Opencast community is a collaboration of individuals, higher education institutions and organizations working together to explore, develop, define and document best practices and technologies for management of audiovisual content in academia.

Opencast is an open source lecture capture and video management system which allows institutions to capture, process, manage and distribute video assets on a large scale. It plays with relevant academic systems and services and provides flexibility to meet the diversity of video management requirements we see today.

Schedule events to automatically record based on a pre-defined timetable and, capture both video of the presenter and the PC screen.

Bulk edit and trim video recordings. The editor provides graphical visualization of elements such as audio can significantly reduce editing time.

A scalable infrastructure to encode video, generate metadata and preview images, create captioning and bulk edit to support video processing at scale.

Publish recordings for download or on-demand viewing via YouTube, RSS, Atom-feeds or with OAI-PMH.

The media player is a standalone application or embedded on blogs, wikis or a content management system.

A robust dashboard to manage, configure and track the status and performance of video content and distribution channels.

Visit the Opencast project homepage for news and additional information about joining the project. 


Opencast Release News 4.1 and 3.5

Opencast recently released maintenance versions 4.1 and 3.5 which resolve a number of issues in their respective branches.  Feature development is occurring in the 5.x branch, scheduled for feature freeze on April 3rd 2018, and release in early June.

Recap 2018 Opencast Summit, Vienna

75 members of the Opencast community convened at the University of Vienna to join the 2018 Opencast summit. Recordings of the talks are now available.

Opencast 4.0 Release

Released on December 8, 2017.

Opencast 2.3.5 and 3.4

Released on Monday, December 4, 2017

Opencast Release Manager

I am pleased to announce that the voting for our next Opencast release
managers is done and that by unanimous vote among the committers, 
Sven Stauber and Christian Greweling have been accepted as new
release managers.

A detailed release schedule for 4.0 will be announced soon on the
developers list but the aim should be to have the feature freeze around
October 1st and the final release around mid December.

-- Tobias Schiebeck, University of Manchester 

Opencast 3.0 Release

Opencast 3.0 has been streamlined to better address Adopters’ needs when it comes to their processes. This means the user experience and the efficiency of users performing their tasks have been significantly enhanced. Other major improvements are new features for the Opencast Player and even more flexibility when it comes to the integration of Opencast into external authentication and authorization systems.

The new features for this release are: