2018-2019 Software Community Health Metrics - Opencast

2018-2019 Software Community Health Metrics - Opencast

Status: Graduated Incubation

Background and Objectives
Opencast is an open source video management system for academic institutions. It covers all stages of the video lifecycle from recording (lecture capture, video ingest) to encoding, publishing, playing, and archiving video assets. It’s scalable from a one-server installation to mass recordings in the cloud and versatile to play with other academic systems (LMS, CMS etc.).

Opencast is an Apache Karaf based OSGI application written in Java providing RESTful interfaces for interaction with front-end components written in JavaScript. The default database used is MariaDB although other RDMS (H2, PostgreSQL, …) are supported. Apache ActiveMQ is used as an internal message bus and Apache Solr and Elasticsearch are used for caching and full-text search.


Date of First Release 

Date of Last Release 

Number of Releases

 August 2010, Matterhorn 1.0

April 2019, Opencast 6.4



Commits in 2018

Commits in 2019

Frequency of Commits





Contributors in 2018

Contributors in 2019

 55 approx.

37 approx.


Number of sites in use (estimated)

 > 100 approx.

Release policy sees two major annual releases plus a handful of smaller (service) releases.

2018 Opencast Highlights

2019 Opencast Highlights

Future Plans