OpenLRS is an open source Java based Learning Record Store which is compatible with TinCanAPI and Experience API.
The project entered incubation in June 2015.

OpenLRS Overview

OpenLRS is a secure, standards-based, standalone Learning Record Store.  OpenLRS was built to fill the need for a high i/o storage mechanism for an open learning analytics environment, as displayed in the diagram on the right.  Built on a scaleable architecture, using modern web technologies, OpenLRS provides the fast reads and writes necessary for a dynamic analytics environment.


  • Spring-Boot
  • Pluggable Datastores (redis + elasticsearch defaults)


  • Broaden support for xAPI
  • Support for IMS Caliper
  • Performance testing & documentation

OpenLRS Incubation Record

Mailing lists

  • openlrs-user[at]apereo[dot]org
  • openlrs-dev[at]apereo[dot]org

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