OpenLRW is the next evolution of the open learning record store. OpenLRW is a standards-focused learning records warehouse with support for event capture with xAPI and IMS Caliper as well as supporting data with IMS OneRoster.

OpenLRW is a secure, standards-based, standalone Learning Record Warehouse.  OpenLRW was built to fill the need for data storage mechanism for an open learning analytics environment that required both event and supporting data such as user and class details.  Built on a scaleable architecture, using modern web technologies, OpenLRW provides the fast reads and writes necessary for a dynamic analytics environment.  The OpenLRW web application provides endpoints for accepting events in both the xAPI and IMS Caliper format. In addition to event data, the OpenLRW web application exposes endpoints for supporting data in the IMS OneRoster format as well as data structures to map event data to user and course contexts.  The OpenLRW backend data store is powered by MongoDB which also for a flexible data schema, high performance and first-class aggregation functions. 


  • Java 8 / Spring-Boot
  • MongoDB

Key Standards:

  • IMS Caliper
  • xAPI
  • IMS OneRoster

Key Contributors:

  • Unicon
  • University of Notre Dame
  • University of Michigan
  • Marist College