2018-2019 Software Community Health Metrics - Sakai LMS

2018-2019 Software Community Health Metrics - Sakai LMS

Status: Graduated

Background and Objectives
Sakai is a freely available, feature-rich, learning management solution built by higher education for higher education, and used by a diverse and global adopter community. Sakai provides a wealth of powerful, flexible tools that enable great teaching, compelling learning, and dynamic collaboration. Thanks to Sakai’s responsive design, instructors and students can achieve their academic goals no matter where they are or what device they use.

Sakai’s breadth of features means you can choose the tools that meet your needs. Out of the box, Sakai includes all of the standard online learning, teaching, and collaboration tools found in modern learning platforms. In addition, Sakai has a wide range of community contributed tools and external integrations available as add-on components. Sakai’s open source flexibility allows you to configure or customize the system as much or as little as needed.



Date of First Release 

Date of Last Release 

Number of Releases


 21 March, 2019



Commits in 2018

Commits in 2019

Frequency of Commits





Contributors in 2018

Contributors in 2019

79 [1]

 53 [2]


Number of sites in use (estimated)



Each year, Sakai typically has between 1000 and 2000 commits from over 40 developers updating its 1.4-million-line code base.

Sakai has approximately 300 institutional adopters worldwide - the exact number of institutions using Sakai is unknown, since Sakai is free to download without registration and has no mechanism to “call home” to let us know it is being used.


2018 Sakai Highlights
SakaiCamp strategic planning retreat held in Orlando, FL on January 22-24, 2018

The Sakai Manifesto was drafted at SakaiCamp 2018.

Sakai 12.0 - release date 21 March, 2018, more information at http://source.sakaiproject.org/release/12.0/

Sakai 12.1 - release date 7 May, 2018, more information at http://source.sakaiproject.org/release/12.1/

Sakai 12.2 - release date 19 June, 2018, more information at http://source.sakaiproject.org/release/12.2/

Sakai 12.3 - release date 31 July, 2018, more information at http://source.sakaiproject.org/release/12.3/

Sakai 12.4 - release date 26 September, 2018, more information at http://source.sakaiproject.org/release/12.4

Sakai Virtual Conference was held online Nov. 7, 2018. There were 277 attendees from 9 countries and 59 institutions/organizations at this event, raising approximately $11,000 USD in funding to be used for future Sakai Development. Recordings of the 37 presentations given by 46 presenters are available on the Sakai YouTube Channel.

Sakai 12.5 - release date 18 November, 2018, more information at http://source.sakaiproject.org/release/12.5

Throughout 2018, the Sakai Marketing Working Group implemented a number of new initiatives, including the new Sakai.LMS.org domain, a completely redesigned website which launched in Q4, and the purchase of distribution rights to market data and reports from an independent research firm.


2019 Sakai Highlights
The Sakai Camp strategic planning retreat was held in Orlando, FL on January 27-20, 2019. See the article in Sakai News about Sakai Camp for a brief overview and agenda.

A new position of Sakai PMC Treasurer was created to assist with planning and management of community funds, and Matthew Jones was elected Treasurer.

Sakai 12.6 - release date 5 March, 2019, more information at http://source.sakaiproject.org/release/12.6

Sakai 19.0 - release date 21 March, 2019, more information at http://source.sakaiproject.org/release/19.0/

Sakai Project Management Committee (PMC) elections were held in April-May, 2019. PMC membership is reflective of significant contributions to the community and a dedication to the shared goals of the Sakai community. Three new PMC members were elected to join the committee: Matthew Hall - University of Virginia, Miguel Pellicer - EDF - Entornos de Formación, and Joshua Wilson - Longsight Inc. Also, three prior PMC members have now moved to Emeritus status: Matthew Buckett - University of Oxford, Adam Marshall - University of Oxford, and Chuck Hedrick - Rutgers University.


Future Plans
The Sakai Community has published a new three-year strategic roadmap to steer the ongoing, energetic, rapid innovation that is the hallmark of the Sakai LMS. This new plan builds upon Sakai’s track record of market leadership in higher education, as evidenced by independent survey research and market data. It prioritizes the development of teaching technologies that increase design flexibility for faculty and enable greater learning outcomes for students.

Adopted in January 2019 by Sakai Community institutions, this roadmap guides rapid innovation in response to faculty needs, represents Sakai’s dedication to meeting the needs of faculty and students with relevant advanced technology, highlights the impact that can be made by an energetic community leveraging an open platform, and encourages institutional support for Sakai’s rapid development.

The Roadmap: Annual Areas of Focus

  • 2019: Rubrics, Tests & Quizzes, and Gradebook
  • 2020: User experience and cloud storage integration
  • 2021: Lessons 2.0, rapid grading, user experience, and analytics
  • 2022: Tests and quizzes, notifications, other key enhancements


Release Year

New capabilities

Key improvements

Back-end enhancements


Cloud storage integration

Document preview

Course site builder

User experience



Web components


Lessons 2.0

Rapid grading

App store

User experience


Automated QA testing


Tests & Quizzes 2.0

Others, TBD


Others, TBD