Sakai 20.0-RC01 released!

Dear Sakai Community,

I'm pleased to announce that Sakai 20.0-RC01 has been released and is ready for QA testing on nightly [1]. This is a big milestone. Congratulations to all involved in our worldwide community!

RC01 is our first release candidate. The main focus from this point forward is finding bugs, prioritizing potential blockers to the release, and fixing the blockers. We anticipate at least two more release candidates before a final release, based on past experience.

If you have the bandwidth, please consider helping with QA testing. The QA testing effort is the #1 activity that we need to help us find bugs early, deliver a quality release, and maximize the speed at which we are able to release.

The Sakai 20 QA hub has everything you need to know to get started testing [2].

Thanks for all your participation, hard work, good spirits, and collaboration.

Warm regards,

[1] Nightly qa servers -
Select the Sakai 20.0-rc01 on MySQL server at the top of the list.

[2] QA documentation and link to the Sakai 20.0 QA hub -  

Wilma Hodges, Ed.D.
Sakai PMC - Community Coordinator