Marist College Concludes its First Sakai-Based MOOC

Marist College is concluding their first MOOC on Enterprising Computing, which has been run out of the School of Computer Science and Mathematics and was launched in mid-July.  The MOOC has been run on Sakai 2.8 using Lesson Builder as the primary content delivery tool without any major customization. Mairst has been very pleased with the outcomes as enrollments, which they had thought would reach no more than 100, are currently at 1100 students with over 12% having already completed the course (which is much higher than the typical 5% rate).  Mairst is now working on developing a "peer-to-peer" MOOC in the area of fashion, which will be created by students who will then run the MOOC in the spring.  They are also planning on re-running our Enterprise Computing MOOC in the spring term with plans to leverage the Open Academic Environment as means to sustain an academic community beyond the end of the MOOC. 

Please contact Josh Baron, Senior Academic Technology Officer at Marist College for more details.