Preview Artifact: Sakai Manifesto

The annual SakaiCamp held in Orlando in January produced an unusual artifact this year. The 20+ participants drafted a "Sakai Manifesto" - aka principles and practices which developers follow when improving Sakai. This Manifesto is now before the Sakai developer community to comment on, revise, etc. This year's revision will then be the subject of an Open Apereo session in Montreal. The intent is to review/revise it annually. The Sakai Manifesto can be read/commented on via Google Docs (see below). The Sakai Project is also interested in learning from other Apereo projects whether or not they have formulated such a document. We can always learn from each other. Perhaps we can share them on the open[at]apereo[dot]org list? Be looking for the Sakai version in the coming weeks.

-- Laura Gekeler, Notre Dame

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