Sakai 10.6 Release


The Sakai Core Team is happy to announce the Sakai 10.6 maintenance release for general availability! Congratulations worldwide team! There were 100 fixes in this release across the core tools. 

List of all fixes:

Nine blocker priority and fourteen critical priority issues fixed.

Five new security fixes. 

Feature enhancements for Assignments tool: Send comments to gradebook from Assignments, even if the gradebook item was created separately; Re-word the checkbox options to make group and peer assessment settings clearer; CVS export of Assignments includes submission time and if submission was late; Assignments history reflects when instructors submit on behalf of students.  

Detailed release notes (functional and technical) available at



The Sakai 10 series is licensed under the: Educational Community License version 2.0. 

ECL v. 2 -



Technical details for Developers


10.6 tag: svn co 10.6


Release notes


10.6 source page


Artifacts for download



Demo: The Sakai Demo is a pre-built version of Sakai with Apache Tomcat 

and a simple configuration, perfect for a quick and easy demo of Sakai. 

The Sakai demo is NOT intended for large scale implementations. It is 

suitable only for evaluating the software, exploring features (i.e. 

property settings), and running small pilot implementations on a single 



Win -



Mac/ *nix -




Binary: The Sakai Binary is a pre-built version of Sakai without Apache 

Tomcat, jar dependencies, or extra configuration files. Download the 

Binary release if you want to just drop the Sakai bundle into a 

pre-existing Tomcat environment.


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Mac/ *nix -