Sakai 10.7 is released

The Sakai Core Team is happy to announce the Sakai 10.7 maintenance release for general availability! Congratulations, worldwide team! There were 47 fixes  [1] in this release across the core tools. 2 new security fixes. 
if you're running 10.6, then this upgrade is of critical importance. Several of the fixes in 10.7 were regressions from 10.6, especially against Assignment and Samigo.
(Assignment) - Additional fixes for assignment submissions - introduced from 10.6 (SAK-30233, SAK-30644) - I'd say these two are really important to pick up.
(Samigo) - Fixes for saving matrix question, (SAM-2679), Downloading responses (SAM-2622) and printing a published assessment (SAM-2690) - These 3 are nice to have
(Portal) - Errors when running with newer versions of Tomcat (SAK-30173) - You could work around this by just running an older version of tomcat (prior to 7.0.66)
10.7 also by default turns off the forums ranking feature which can cause significant performance issues in forums
(New default) msgcntr.forums.ranks.enable=false
Detailed release notes are available [3] , as well as technical details and artifacts for download [4].
[1] List of all 10.7 fixes -
[2] Mail from yahoo mail will be rejected by Yahoo -
[3] Sakai 10.7 release notes -
[4] Artifacts for download -