Sakai 12.0 Release

Sakai 12.0 is now available. 
Our community wiki has both functional [1] and technical [2] release notes.
Download instructions are also available [3] .
Several of the top changes include:
  • Improved look and feel. New skin. More attractive and functional.
  • Improved responsive design, better performance on mobile devices.
  • Gradebook - performance enhancements, plus a number of minor interface improvements such as progressive rendering of student grades for large classes, and a new feature which allows instructors to view and adjust final grade distribution.
  • Assignments - Refactoring of Assignments tool. Makes Assignments more maintainable and easier to enhance.
  • Lessons has a new optional subpage left menu navigation feature. In addition, a number of useful enhancements such as a forums widget, announcements widget, calendar widget, resources widget, and personalization of text.
  • Test and Quizzes (Samigo) - Extended delivery of assessments for select individuals and groups.
  • Chat tool - updated interface.
  • Pluggable ContentReview which contains 4 plagiarism detection integrations.
  • Standards - support for IMS Content Item, including a "shopping cart" ubiquitously available in the rich text editor.
  • Accessibility improvements.
[3] Download instructions -