Sakai 12.6 Maintenance Release

Dear Community,

I'm pleased to announce on behalf of the worldwide community that Sakai 12.6 was released on March 5, 2019 and is currently available for downloading [1] !

Sakai 12.6 has 116 improvements [2] including

  • 29 fixes in Gradebook
  • 19 fixes in Assignments
  • 13 fixes in Tests & Quizzes (Samigo)
  • 11 fixes in Lessons

Other areas improved include:

  • Announcements
  • Calendar
  • Chat Room
  • Commons
  • Forums
  • Messages
  • Portal
  • Resources
  • Roster
  • Site Info
  • Statistics
  • Syllabus

There were 3 security issue fixed in 12.6 (details will be sent to the Sakai Security Announcements list).

Additionally, the following new features were introduced in 12.6.

  • Gradebook now scales grades when point value of item is changed.
  • When adding a gradebook item, you can now choose to create the existing item and add another from the same screen.
  • The gradebook item options to "Release Items to Students?" and "Include item in grade calculations?" can now be selected independently of each other.
  • Students may now view maximum points possible for an item even if they don't have a grade for that item.
  • Gradebook now has an enhanced empty state that prompts users to add gradebook items if there are none existing.
  • Tooltips have been added to help guide the user when adding new gradebook items.
  • Gradebook Category color does not change as long as the name of the category remains the same.
  • New property to activate auto-favoriting for particular user types.

Please also note the upgrade information page [3] for important notes related to performing the upgrade. 2 Quartz jobs need to be run to complete the conversion steps for Sakai 12, including a new one for the Job Scheduler in 12.1.

[1] Downloading information available at -
[2] 12.6 Fixes by Tool -

Wilma Hodges, Ed.D.
Sakai PMC - Community Coordinator