Sakai TCC is renamed Sakai Project Management Committee

At the September meeting, the Apereo Board of Directors approved renaming the Sakai CLE Technical Coordination Committee (TCC) as the Sakai Project Management Committee, recognizing the group as the strategic governance body for the Sakai CLE. The Sakai Project Management Committee will continue to operate around the principles established by the TCC; meritocratic principles of member selection, and consensus based decision making taken in an open and transparent manner.

The founding members of the Sakai PMC are:

Anthony Whyte, University of Michigan (chair)
Seth Theriault, Columbia University (vice-chair)
Alan Berg, Universiteit van Amsterdam
Noah Botimer, University of Michigan
Matthew Buckett, Oxford University
John Bush, Asahi Net
David Horwitz, University of Cape Town
Matt Jones, Longsight Group
Beth Kirschner, University of Michigan
Jean-François Lévêque, Université Pierre et Marie Curie
Megan May, Indiana University
Sam Ottenhoff, Longsight Group
Charles Severance, University of Michigan
Steve Swinsburg, Fivium
Aaron Zeckoski, Unicon

Ian Dolphin, Apereo Executive Director sits on the Sakai PMC as an ex-officio, non-voting member. John Lewis of Unicon has Sakai TCC emeritus status.

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