GradebookNG Available on Experimental Nightly Server

Since early 2015, the GradebookNG team has been working hard on a new interface for the Sakai Gradebook tool. We are pleased to announce that the this is now available in the experimental nightly server:

The GradebookNG Project represents a joint effort between NYU, Notre Dame, Longsight, and SCRIBA. We would like to acknowledge our partners in helping to make this project a reality.
GradebookNG provides a number of enhancements, centered around a new spreadsheet-style interface.

Features include:

Faster Grade Entry - Grades can be entered directly into the spreadsheet interface, allowing instructors to quickly enter scores as they would in a traditional spreadsheet application. Scores are automatically validated and saved.

Simplified Layout - Menus and screens within the Gradebook have been simplified and consolidated, with many existing functions now available within the spreadsheet interface.

Improved Import/Export Process - A simplified and consolidated import/export process provides the ability to import scores and comments for existing items, as well as to create new Gradebook items via an improved workflow.

The team will be finishing up some remaining features and resolving bugs over the coming weeks and months. For more information on GradebookNG, including functional/technical overviews and a video walkthrough of the tool, visit the Gradebook Enhancements Project wiki page. Also note that the team will be presenting on the new Gradebook at the upcoming Sakai Virtual Conference.