SSP - Miscellaneous Features

Miscellaneous Features

In addition to the innovative core toolset, SSP provides several features that support student success. This tool and features lend extra ability for counselors to accommodate student disabilities, document a student’s history, manage caseloads, and run reports. Read below to learn more.

Advisors, coaches, or counselors can populate information from the Office of Disability into SSP. The tool is a repository for this information, which highlights what accommodations the institution is required to put into place for the student.

Student Documents
Advisors, coaches, counselors, and faculty can upload files within student records, and can set confidentiality levels for the files. For example, counseling staff can upload a signed copy of a student’s Action Plan.

Counseling staff can populate information from other systems into SSP. For example, detailed notes relating to a student’s grades can be viewed in this single location where all imported notes can be reviewed.

Caseload Reassignment
If an advisor, coach, or counselor leaves the institution, a set of administrative tools helps to reassign the student to a new member of the counseling staff.