SSP Community

Many community resources are available through the Apereo community of expert developers and enthusiasts.
Benefits of leveraging the Apereo community include:

  • Free access to all maintenance releases and bug fixes
  • Free access to all security notifications
  • Free user guides
  • Free access to user and development email lists
  • Free access to community calls, demonstrations, and roadmap presentations
  • Paid support, custom development, and training available from third-party vendors

Primary Funding Generous Supporters


  • Dr. Robert Johnstone, California Community Colleges:

    “SSP... provide(s) colleges with the ability to rapidly identify student behaviors that may be putting them at risk of not following through on their educational plans”.

  • Joshua Baron, Marist College:

    “We applaud Sinclair’s movement of their Student Success Planning (SSP) software to an open-source platform”.

  • Sinclair Community College, Dayton, OH:

    "According to Sinclair statistics from 2005 - 2011, students using SSP were five times more likely to graduate. For quarter to quarter retention rates (Fall '10 to Winter '11), transitioned SSP students (students who have completed the SSP process) had a 37% higher rate of retention compared to students who qualified...

  • Internal institutional research study, 2011:

    “Sinclair statistics show SSP students being five times more likely to graduate”