Who Uses SSP?

Who Uses SSP?


SSP is student-centric—it is a holistic model that focuses entirely on the student. Students begin by filling out the Student Intake form, populating their Student Profile. Student input helps intervention staff determine the resources the student needs to succeed. Students experience improved academic performance, time to degree, and increased graduation rates.

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff use SSP to send Early Alerts for students, from a roster or search tool. SSP notifies and routes the alert to intervention staff. Examples of reasons for an Early Alert include missing class or low test scores. Each college can configure to alert and track the things that are important to them. Once an alert is received, a coach, counselor, or advisor will then take action to put the student back on track. Faculty and staff receive feedback to stay updated on the student’s progress.

Coaches, Counselors, and Advisors

Coaches, counselors, and advisors work collaboratively with faculty, support resources, and students to identify and overcome barriers to success. Unique Action Plans are created for each student and their progress is monitored, and plans revised as needed. Coaches, counselors, and advisors provide feedback to faculty and staff.